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not much to say…

life is averagely bad, school is back in session, i have writer’s block, i need an entirely new wardrobe, my laptop is dying on me (it has now become a desktop replacement [meaning the battery is shot, and it has to be plugged in to be used]) and i have to wait 5 months to get a new one (i’ve been promised a macbook pro when i graduate).

random poll! Mac or PC?

no need for any other words other than “Mac” or “PC,” i’ll be asking why later. for now, just one or the other.



I used to keep track of deep, thoughtful, witty, or just plain cool quotes that I came up with. Here’s one that I remember:

“I stopped thinking outside the box years ago. Too many people are already searching for what’s outside the box. Instead, I open the box, marvel at what it holds, then hold it up above my head and say ‘Hey! Lookie what I found!'”

And a new one:

“Why is life so miserable when so little goes wrong? Are we so used to the relative perfection that we experience every day that the minor problems in life become devastating?”

I’ll be keeping a list of Parkerisms here, under their own category.


Updated Gear Specifications

In order of signal path:

B.C. Rich ASM 1 Series Concept Guitar ->

Digitech Metal Master Distortion Pedal (seldom used anymore) ->

Digitech RP300A Digital Guitar Effects Processor ->

Dunlop Crybaby Classic Wah Pedal ->

Roland Cube-30 Solid-State Amplifier

Then for recording, the signal goes through a Creative PC mic that goes into my video camera or my laptop, depending on what I’m recording (video or just audio).


life officially…

sucks again. If someone ever lets me sleep in until 12:00 again, I’m going to hurt them. Badly. Do they not realize what kind of physical, emotional, and mental, and social problems it causes?

1. Physical: Sleeping longer than 9 hours (in this case, 11) can cause headaches, and can set your body’s internal clock out-of-sync with real-world time. When your body’s internal clock is out-of-sync, it causes sleeplessness the following night, irregular eating habits (eating later than normal), and temporal disorientation (not quite sure what time of day it is, since you woke up at noon).

2. Emotional: The physical effects from sleeping too much cause emotional repercussions such as grouchiness, depression, irritability, and general grogginess.

3. Mental: Sleeping for 9+ hours can give your mind too much rest, which causes slowness of thought, forgetfulness, failure to reason properly, etc.

4. Socially: (This one is really the worst today.) Sleeping for such extended periods of time can cause you to miss important phone calls, text messages, and other communications (For instance, by the time I got up, I had missed 8 texts from 4 different people, 2 phone calls from the same person, and 2 important emails that I should have received this morning. That’s a total of 12 messages.).

So you see what I mean? All of this has caused my girlfriend and I to argue basically all day (except while she’s been at work), and my mom didn’t let me go see her (my girlfriend) on her break, so now she thinks she’s not important to me. I don’t even feel like playing guitar today. Heck, I don’t feel like playing my new banjo that I got for Christmas. By the way, for those of you who are interested in what I name my instruments, here’s a list:

Acoustic guitar: Allan (cuz I like the name “Allan”)

First electric: Ed (in honor of Eddie Van Halen)

Second Electric: Stella (good name for a knockout brunette)

Banjo: Eldridge (just hillbilly enough to work, but still a mite sophisticated)

One more thing: I had to return the amp I was borrowing, so now I’m using one that my girlfriend’s dad is loaning to me. It’s a Roland Cube-30. I’ll put my full gear specs on in the next post.


Christmas presents?

As a matter of fact, I got several! Worthy of note: a hard case for Stella (my electric guitar), a 5-string banjo (which I have named Eldridge), and a set of 50 envelopes (that are to be opened one per day) that tell why my girlfriend loves me (which I actually ask a lot, because I will never understand it).

What did you get? C’mon, tell me!



ok, let’s face it. no one really reads my blog. i mean, people do, but only cuz they know me and they want me to feel good when i check my stats. (btw, 46 views this month. 8 less than last month) i suppose i can keep doing it, but it’s up to you. vote in the next post (which will be on the 26th, at 12 noon).